Either Eli Improves or Giants Are Done

Either Eli Improves or Giants Are Done

If Eli Manning doesn’t break out of his slump and start playing great again, then the Giants have no chance to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

They can overcome a sack slump from JPP, or Corey Webster returning to being the most beatable corner in the league or Ahmad Bradshaw suffering his annual debilitating foot injury or even Tom Coughlin suddenly starting to coach like Jason Garrett.

They can’t win the Super Bowl with Manning playing the way he has over the last four weeks. Last year, they quickly turned 6-2 into 6-6 and that was when Manning was playing well. That story, of course, had a happy ending.

The NFL is all about quarterbacks and the Giants are all about Eli, and Eli right now is not about getting the Giants into the end zone.

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