Great Teen Golfer or Social Pioneer?

Great Teen Golfer or Social Pioneer?

He will play in the Masters even though he was born in 1998, so let us all take a moment to kill ourselves.

Guan Tianlang could be just one remarkable boy or he could be some sort of golf signpost. He could be just this spritely face who won the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in Bangkok by one shot as the youngest player in the field -- one would hope he was, anyway -- or he could tell us a whole bunch of big things. He certainly sends the brain running off and scampering around and turning up with crazy thoughts.

He could be just one person who was still 13 when October dawned, and who will become the youngest player ever in the Masters field next April 11, and nothing more than that even though that's plenty. Or he could transcend golf and sports to give an emphatic reiteration of what has seemed clear for some time now: that teenagers are stronger, savvier and more capable than they have ever been, as if some jaw-dropping evolutionary force persists.

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