Know-It-All Catchers Primed to Manage Ballclubs

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Catchers have a different perspective. Of course they do. They play a position different from all others, not only because they face that-a-way. Their position is about-face ... and stretching the strike zone, strategizing with the pitcher and striking a relationship with the other masked man on the field. It's about blocking the plate and pitches in the dirt, about catching popups and would-be basestealers, communicating with the dugout, directing fellow defenders, backing up first base, fielding bunts and squibs, and in the case of Mr. Berra, distracting hitters.


In their limited spare time, catchers nurse assortments of bruises, scrapes and mangled fingers, deal with profound fatigue and erosion of the components in their knees and develop hitches in their...

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