Longing for the Old Days of Rage and Al Davis

Longing for the Old Days of Rage and Al Davis

Jerry Jones angrily pounded the Dallas locker room door after the Cowboys’ latest eggy performance. Bud Adams essentially threw his entire Tennessee Titans team under the road grader he was driving for giving up 51 to Chicago.

But there was not a sound in Oakland, where the Raiders let Doug Martin become a household name. In other words, just one more reason to wish Al Davis was still around.


Not that he would have said anything after Sunday’s 42-32 loss to Tampa Bay, mind you. He reserved that level of entertainment for coaches’ hirings and firings, so he averaged a performance a year for the last 10.


But his rage would have powered a neighborhood, and the walls at Raiders Intergalactic Headquarters would have bled for days. You’d have known he was there. Damn straight you would have.

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