Lousy Lakers Sucking Life Out of NBA

Lousy Lakers Sucking Life Out of NBA

First, let's get one thing straight: The basketball-watching public wasn't enjoying the Lakers' 0-3 start nearly as much as it enjoyed the Heat's early-season struggles two seasons ago. Not even close.


The truth is, we need the Lakers to be good. If the Lakers were bad, the NBA wouldn't make sense. Everything we thought we knew about the sport would've been rendered meaningless. If the Lakers had kept losing -- and losing and losing and losing -- then the joy that comes from beating the Lakers would've been gone, too.

And that, people, would be no fun. The world needs more fun right now.


So mercifully, blessedly, the Lakers ended their three-game losing streak Sunday night -- 11, if you count preseason -- by feasting on the carcass that used to be the Detroit Pistons. It was as satisfying a meal as you will see consumed in today's supposedly competitively balanced NBA, a 108-79 thrashing that left not a scrap of ammunition for the naysayers.

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