Texans vs. Bears: Super Bowl Preview?

Texans vs. Bears: Super Bowl Preview?

The Texans woke up to a new reality Monday, one in which for the first time this season they are not favored to win their next game.

The early lines had the Chicago Bears favored by one to 11/2 points for Sunday night’s game at Soldier Field.

You could interpret that as a compliment to the Texans. Considering most home teams, particularly those like the Bears that don’t play in weatherproof stadiums, start with a three-point edge, you could conclude the oddsmakers believe the Texans are a better team.

In fact, the oddsmakers don’t believe anything. They’re agnostic. They just want to set a line that will make you believe strongly enough one way or the other to open your wallet and let them take whatever bills you have.

Still, this gives the Texans an opportunity to accomplish something they haven’t done this season: win a game headline writers could legitimately call an upset.

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