UCI Should Distance Itself from Drug Testing

UCI Should Distance Itself from Drug Testing

MILAN (VN) — The International Association of Professional Cycling teams (AIGCP) is in standby mode in the wake of the Lance Armstrong investigation, but insists the UCI needs to distance itself from anti-doping controls.


Like many, the AIGCP is waiting for the UCI to announce the full scope of a planned commission, charged mainly with looking into internal corruption and anti-doping reforms.


“The press release seemed to mention a few little things in passing, but it didn’t really get into what this is going to be,” AIGCP head Jonathan Vaughters told VeloNews. “I would like an independent audit on all the anti-doping efforts that are going on … [and] this would be great use of WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency].”


The Switzerland-based governing body said its Management Committee would announce this week which sports body will nominate members and define the commission’s scope. WADA’s director general, David Howman, said in a recent interview that the UCI had not yet contacted his organization.

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