A Vote for Team USA's January Camp

A Vote for Team USA's January Camp

To keep with the theme of Tuesday's election day, when it comes to the question of January Camp 2013, just vote yes.

The U.S. national team's "Camp Cupcake" has become more of a "Camp Candidate" in recent years, and even though the potential scheduling crunch with the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying hexagonal has given U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann a bit of a quandary, there remains plenty of leeway to move forward in the usual manner.

Based on Klinsmann's recent comments about the topic, the camp -- one typically reserved for MLS and Scandinvaian-based players who are out of season and on the fringes of the national-team radar -- will hinge on a number of conditions, most of which are tied into World Cup qualifying. The picture will become a bit more clear on Wednesday, when CONCACAF conducts its draw for the hexagonal and the schedule for the 2013 qualifying matches becomes concrete.

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