College Basketball Landscape Reshaped

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

While sitting on the bench during a demoralizing first-round NCAA tournament loss to Iowa State, UConn's Alex Oriakhi made a decision in March that triggered the most frenzied four-week period of his life.

Right there, Oriakhi decided he would transfer. In the locker room immediately after the game, Oriakhi sent a text message to Missouri guard Phil Pressey, a close friend and former summer-league teammate, saying he might play with him. It was a message that launched a high-profile national recruitment of a 21-year-old.

Once Oriakhi received his release from his UConn scholarship, well more than 30 college coaches — including Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams — bombarded Oriakhi with phone calls. He could not maintain a conversation...

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