New Formation Setting Offenses Afire

New Formation Setting Offenses Afire

The trigger man for the highest-scoring college offense this side of Oregon can't be found anywhere in this week's NCAA passing statistics.

Stephen Warner is built like a cinder block at 6 feet and nearly 300 pounds, and not one day in his life has he been confused for a Manning.

Warner will never be a Davey O'Brien or Johnny Unitas award candidate. His throwing motion might even put him on some "don't watch" lists.

Warner is the starting center for Louisiana Tech, which would be leading the nation in scoring if not for Oregon's hanging 62 points on USC.

The Bulldogs (8-1) are the Ducks without the reflector-mirror helmets and Phil Knight's money. Oregon and Louisiana Tech are the only two teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision averaging more than 50 points per game this year.

What Louisiana Tech does differently than Oregon, or anyone else, is run its blender-on-puree offense through its center.

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