PGA's Fall Series in Awkward Position

PGA's Fall Series in Awkward Position

From the outset of what came to be known as the Fall Series, the concept was awkward. The PGA Tour would incessantly hype the season-long points race that was to be concluded with a big money bonus pool and an end to the season -- then play a few more events afterward.

It never made any sense, except for the fact that the PGA Tour, above all, is about providing playing opportunities to its members. It was never going to end the season in September and say, "See you in January." No way.

Hence, the fall tournaments were given a meaningless moniker when the FedEx Cup began in 2007 and were played so the tour's rank-and-file could continue its quest to gain exempt status for the following year.

This week's Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic at Disney World marks the end of the Fall Finish as we know it. There will be fall tournaments next year, to be sure, but they'll be part of a new schedule for the 2014 season.

But that won't do the players needing opportunities for the 2013 season any good.

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