Point Finger at Kiffin for USC's Trouble

Point Finger at Kiffin for USC's Trouble

A USC team manager backed up Lane Kiffin's black Mercedes S550 and parked it about 10 feet from the door to the USC locker room late Saturday night. The sleek sedan, with tinted windows, was perfectly positioned to be Kiffin's getaway car after a bad night for the Trojans.

There's plenty to run from this season as USC has imploded from the AP's preseason No. 1 to a three-loss disaster. The Trojans set historic lows against Oregon on Saturday night for both yards (730) and points (62) allowed. And after one of the ugliest nights for a program that began playing football in 1888, the Trojans are in fifth place in the Pac-12, ranked behind rival UCLA in the BCS and appear destined for the Holiday Bowl.

When asked by SI.com how much of the blame is on him and his coaching staff, a subdued Kiffin said, "All of it."

SI.com spoke with 10 opposing head coaches, assistants and NFL personnel types over the past week to examine what's gone wrong at USC. Many of the people interviewed put the blame squarely on the 37-year-old Kiffin, whose team's performance hasn't matched its talent.

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