Dodgers Are Right to Give McGwire Chance

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When you think of Mark McGwire, you think of numbers, but not those numbers.


You don't think of 583 career homers, or 70 homers in 1998, or one homer in every 10.61 at-bats.

You think, instead, of 19.5.

That is the percentage of baseball Hall of Fame votes he received last winter. He received 19.5% when 75% is required for entry. His name will appear for nine more years on the regular ballot, but it could be there 90 years, he still has zero chance of ever entering Cooperstown, a notion that is important now that he's entering Chavez Ravine.

The man whose career highlights were carved from steroid use is now being eternally punished for it. The thick goateed mug that was once the face of...

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