If They Name It ... What's Wrigley Worth?

If They Name It ... What's Wrigley Worth?

How much money are the Cubs leaving on the table by not renaming Wrigley Field?


That question was posed following today's announcement from the Chicago White Sox and U.S. Cellular that, while U.S. Cellular is selling its Chicago, St. Louis and central Illinois markets for a reported $480 million to Sprint/Nextel, "U.S. Cellular Field" will remain unchanged.


The White Sox signed the original deal with U.S. Cellular in 2003 for $68 million over 20 yearas, with the agreement paying the White Sox $3.4 million per season for the stadium's name, as well as an agreement to purchase significant advertising with the White Sox each season as a corporate sponsor?


So what about the stadium on the North Side?

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