Lakers' Stumbling Start Steams Kobe

Lakers' Stumbling Start Steams Kobe

Kobe Bryant started walking off the court with about five seconds left, disgusted by the Lakers' effort, turning around only to see that Metta World Peace missed a last-second shot.

Then he continued toward the locker room, his jersey pulled up into his clenched teeth as the Lakers lost again, 95-86, this time to Utah on Wednesday at EnergySolutions Arena.

Bryant was still seething as he sat in front of his locker, acknowledging he played with an anger and fire he hadn't displayed in a while.

"Just a little bit," he said, practically spitting out the words.


"Nothin' I care to share," he said.

Bad sign for the Lakers. Bryant is mad. Or maybe it's a good sign. It can't hurt at this point.

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