Legendary Royal More Than a Coach

Legendary Royal More Than a Coach

Perhaps the greatest compliment you could give Darrell Royal is that, unlike many of his contemporaries, he could not be painted with a broad brush.

Any portrait of the former University of Texas coaching legend, whose death was confirmed Wednesday at age 88, had to be painted with fine brush strokes and a myriad of colors.

Royal was often depicted as "folksy" with his unpretentious nature and his chicken-fried quotations such as, "You've got to dance with the one who brung ya."

There are many more witticisms attributed to Royal, some of which he actually said. His impact as a coach, however, is undeniable and continues to influence coaches at all levels to this day. His face would be carved alongside Tom Landry's on the Mount Rushmore of coaching legends in the state of Texas.

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