Loyalty to Vick Will Be Fatal to Reid

Loyalty to Vick Will Be Fatal to Reid

We are likely watching the end. The end of a career. The end of, in many ways, a legend. It would be a major upset at this point if Andy Reid survived this season.

Some of you will applaud this. Some giddily so, not fully understanding just how good Reid once was. And he was good. Really good. His fall, in fact, is one of the most precipitous any NFL coach has ever seen. Sean Payton is probably first but Reid isn't so far behind.

And this is sad. It is really, really sad.

Reid's Philadelphia Eagles appeared in a Super Bowl, losing to Bill Belichick's Patriots, which is no shame. In all, Reid coached in five NFC title games, including four straight from 2001-2004. Since 1999, excluding this season, he has had only two losing seasons. And since that hiring in 1999, no other coach has earned more appearances in the divisional playoff round, at seven.

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