Tebow Too Big for His Jersey?

Tebow Too Big for His Jersey?

In the last game Tim Tebow started at quarterback, Vince Wilfork, a 325-pound New England Patriots nose tackle, drove him to the ground, breaking one of Tebow's ribs as if his chest were a stone-crab shell.

At the time, Tebow played for the Denver Broncos and weighed 238 pounds. Not long after losing that game and sustaining that injury, he drew a conclusion: Though he already was among the NFL's biggest quarterbacks, he had to get even bigger.

Over the subsequent nine months, Tebow has added a dozen pounds of muscle, but the extra armor has done him little good this season with the Jets. His most significant contribution has been as a punt protector; on offense, he has carried the ball 23 times and thrown just three passes, including one on a fake punt. Committed to Mark Sanchez as the starter (for the moment, anyway), the Jets have used Tebow so infrequently that they have put his future at quarterback in doubt—a predicament he may have helped himself into by outgrowing the position.

That is, at 6 feet 3 and 250 pounds, Tim Tebow may be too big to be an effective NFL quarterback.

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