Unbeaten Ohio State? No One Cares

Unbeaten Ohio State? No One Cares

Ohio State is 10–0 in Urban Meyer’s first season at the helm. But as far as the BCS is concerned, the Buckeyes don’t even exist. They may be the fifth-ranked team in the AP Poll and the most talented team in the Big Ten. But by season’s end, any victories that the Buckeyes earn beyond what they win in the regular season will be moral ones.

As punishment for the NCAA violations that went unreported under former coach Jim Tressel, Ohio State is banned from postseason play. Which means no Big Ten Championship Game. No subsequent bowl appearances (in a sanction-less world, that could mean a BCS title game appearance). No games between the season finale against Michigan and OSU’s 2013 opener against Buffalo.

While the Buckeyes have looked like a legit Top 10 team at several points this season, the glass ceiling under which they’re playing out 2012 begs the question: Does this year even matter?

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