2 Programs With History Make More of It

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When Michigan State and Connecticut meet, it means one of them will end up playing for the national title. That's been the case in four previous encounters, anyway.

MSU lost at UConn during the 1998-99 season, both made the Final Four and the Huskies won it all. UConn lost at MSU the next season and the Spartans went on to win the national title. They met in the 2009 Final Four in Detroit, with MSU prevailing and going on to lose to North Carolina in the championship game.

And early in the 2010-11 season, an unranked UConn squad led by Kemba Walker upset No. 2 MSU at the Maui Invitational – setting the stage for a national championship run for the Huskies and a season full of disappointment for the Spartans.

"It seems like this game always means...

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