Jets to Make Playoffs ... Any Questions?

Jets to Make Playoffs ... Any Questions?

The 3-5 Jets may be dangerously close to falling off the postseason radar, but there’s still plenty of confidence oozing out of the locker room these days. Despite losing four of their last five games, including an embarrassing 30-9 home defeat to Miami two weeks ago before the bye, Rex Ryan’s team is keeping the faith.

A few hours after Antonio Cromartie channeled his inner Rex by guaranteeing the Jets will make the playoffs, the man in charge whole-heartedly agreed.

“I feel that as an entire football team that we should all feel like that. And I think we do feel like that,” Ryan said Thursday. “Nobody wants to hear it, but who cares? That’s really how we feel. Whether you like it or not, that’s our mentality. I would think the Jets fans… would want us to feel that way. And we do.”

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