Louisville Undefeated Yet Unnoticed

Louisville Undefeated Yet Unnoticed

If Teddy Bridgewater is having trouble being recognized as one of the best quarterbacks in America, it may be because it's really difficult to recognize Teddy Bridgewater. When he leaves his dorm room, Louisville's sophomore signal-caller sets his protection, sheathing himself in sweatpants and a hoodie, yanking the hood over his head. Often, it's not even football-issued gear, so no colors or logos betray his identity. There may be earnest well-wishers along his path. All in all, Bridgewater would rather pass.

Occasionally, though, Bridgewater walks around campus with Eli Rogers, his fellow Miami native, high school teammate and friend from his elementary school days. Rogers is well aware of his pal's aversion to public displays of affection. Which is why the receiver abruptly reaches over, tugs the hood off Bridgewater's skull and catches passersby off-guard: Hey, you know this is Teddy Bridgewater? Rogers just wants to see how his friend reacts to being a Teddy, bare.

"Yeah, he kind of hates the popularity contest and all that," Rogers said. "I always mess with him, like, hey, you know you're the quarterback, you can just go and get this if you wanted it. He's like one of the top quarterbacks in the nation, one of the top five quarterbacks in the nation, so people are going to know who he is. He just keeps a low profile, that's all."

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