NHL Not 'Making Whole' Lot of Sense

NHL Not 'Making Whole' Lot of Sense

The skaters are out at Rockefeller Centre, gliding about clumsily on the little patch of an ice rink in downtown Manhattan.

Unfortunately, there is no NHL hockey in sight as the lockout heads to Day 54 come Friday.

How many days it goes, no one knows, but I wouldn't take the 'under'.

The way things are going the iconic Christmas tree in midtown Manhattan could well be lit before the NHL reaches a new CBA with its players, which would be deeply concerning given the tree is scheduled to twinkle in the night sky for the first time on Nov. 28th.

Continuing talks suggest optimism, but the word Thursday night was trending in the other direction. Those involved in the talks describe them as slow and laboured.

Momentum? There is no real momentum.

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