Kiffin Should Quit Shenanigans and Grow Up

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He's doing it again. Lane Kiffin, I mean. He's acting like Lane Kiffin, when he promised a few months ago that he was done doing that -- and ready to act like an adult.


But, no. He's the same Lane Kiffin he was at Tennessee, maybe worse, because at Tennessee he was a rambunctious kid still finding his way, knocking over tables and lamps but only because he was a big goofball who didn't seem to know better -- whereas now, at Southern California, he's flipping over furniture and rewiring the lamps in a misguided attempt to keep the rest of us in the dark.


He's cheating, is my point. Or his program is. And since the chain of command at USC football starts with Lane Kiffin, he's responsible. He's using ignorance as his defense on some of this stuff,...

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