Like Westhead, Brown Stifled Players

Like Westhead, Brown Stifled Players

The similarities are uncanny.


A fed-up Lakers superstar whose frustrations boiled over in Salt Lake City.


An overthinking head coach misreading the situation and causing paralysis by analysis.


And a loaded Lakers team underachieving and suffocating in an offense that completely negates their individual talents.


Is it any wonder Mike Brown just met the same fate as Paul Westhead?


Nearly 31 years ago to the day that Magic Johnson essentially ousted Westhead by giving the Lakers an "it's me or him" ultimatum after a game in Utah against the Jazz, Kobe Bryant and the icy death stare he dropped on Brown in Salt Lake City on Wednesday night might have been the catalyst that got Brown fired.


In a chillingly quick decision, the Lakers dismissed Brown on Friday a mere five games into the new season - albeit with just one victory.

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