Would HOF Players Give Juicers Amnesty?

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In their search for a new manager, the Rockies interviewed two men cited in the Mitchell Report, lead actor Jason Giambi and cameo-role player Matt Williams. Neither got the job, but just five years ago, when the Mitchell Report came out, who could have imagined that any confessed drug user would end up so close to claiming the most visible leadership position in a franchise?

One has to wonder whether people within the game would embrace McGwire as a Hall of Famer. We can't know because the vote belongs to baseball writers. In a few weeks, they will each receive the Class of 2013 ballot, the first to carry the names of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. I am supposed to get one. I don't want it. I gave up voting a long time ago. I'd rather that the entire task, and especially the...

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