3 Top QBs Down With Concussions

3 Top QBs Down With Concussions

During a three-hour span Sunday, three NFL starting quarterbacks had to leave their respective games after suffering concussions.

Philadelphia's Michael Vick hurt his eye when his helmet apparently slammed into his face while he was being tackled, and rookie Nick Foles had to make his NFL debut in replacing him (the team's third quarterback, Trent Edwards, was inactive and the team's emergency quarterback, receiver Jason Avant, left the game with a hamstring injury, so luckily for the team, Foles finished the game healthy).

Meanwhile, San Francisco's Alex Smith was replaced by Colin Kaepernick, and after Chicago's Jay Cutler took multiple head shots in the first half, Jason Campbell entered the Sunday night game at the beginning of the second half to try to knock off the Texans.

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