Eagles Have No Choice: Start Foles

Eagles Have No Choice: Start Foles

NONE OF US knows exactly how this is going to have to work, mostly because the Eagles have not been in this position in forever. Maybe the doctors will make it easy and say that Michael Vick and his concussion need time to heal. If not that, maybe Andy Reid will swallow hard and make the last big decision of his tenure by himself. If not that, maybe owner Jeffrey Lurie will walk down the hall and into Reid's office and make the decision for him.

However it goes - and this, admittedly, is a close call - they need to decide that Nick Foles will finish the season as the Eagles' quarterback.

It is just time. After Sunday's 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys - a game that really defined the Eagles as a bad team, as astounding as it is to write that phrase - they are 3-6. They have lost five games in a row. They are not dead as far as the playoffs are concerned, but you can reach the shovels from here.

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