Games on Aircraft Carriers Too Risky

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One year after he served as a ball boy for the game between Michigan State and North Carolina aboard the USS Carl Vinson last November, Kyle Kriebel still chuckles at the memory of his futile attempts to keep the floor dry.

Each time a player dove after a loose ball and left a trail of sweat on the court, Kriebel would race out, towel or mop in hand, and attempt to wipe up the wet spot. The moisture in the air at dusk on the San Diego harbor made the task so pointless that President Obama even joked with Kriebel from his courtside seat that he had missed a few spots.

"We were out there wiping and wiping, but it was pointless," Kriebel said. "Eventually we just did it to look busy. No matter what we did, we couldn't get the moisture off the court."


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