Lakers' Problems Could Be Just Beginning

Lakers' Problems Could Be Just Beginning

On paper, the L.A. Lakers' decision to hire Mike D'Antoni makes perfect sense. Even in comparison to Phil Jackson, it might be a better move for the franchise's extended health. With the Zen Master, you really never know when his last game will come -- he'd be on re-retirement watch from Day 1. And as we saw at the end of the 2010-11 season, there are no title guarantees, especially if he gets tired and less motivated to tweak his stars to the max.

D'Antoni is beloved by Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant, knows how to make an athletic big man shine and has the right sort of flair for an L.A. crowd hungry for electricity. But there are still a few ways in which this could go wrong and leave the Lakers short of the only thing that matters this year: a championship.

Here is a look at those ways it could go wrong.

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