Triangle of Money, Ego, Control Sinks Jackson

Triangle of Money, Ego, Control Sinks Jackson

Should Phil Jackson be the coach of the Lakers today? Of course he should. Given the chance to bring back an 11-time champion of his basketball brilliance, mind-bending snark and unparalleled stature, everyone should've been on board to make that happen.

Everyone, including Phil. But you see, if Jackson, 67, wasn't sure he could commit to the full road schedule, you might've had what Jackson liked to call a "situation." He called almost everything a situation, and this would've been a "lack-of-commitment situation." And you can't have those in the NBA.

The NBA is an every-day grind -- a 24-7 situation -- and Jackson being available anything less than every day would've been akin to what Kobe Bryant said happened the last time they were together. It was Bryant who said he would always regret not being able to give Jackson his all because of a knee injury when the two were together for the last time in 2010-11. Jackson shouldn't have wanted to give Bryant anything less than 100 percent, either.

But there's more to it than that. There's ego and control, two points of the only triangle that mattered here -- the other point being money. That's the NBA's real triangle offense: money, ego and control.

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