Turner Snaps on Way Out the Door

Turner Snaps on Way Out the Door

hat wasn’t merely an interception return Norv Turner saw flashing before him Sunday. It was his head coaching career.

Going ... going ... good as gone.

Tampa Bay’s Leonard Johnson returned the ball 83 yards up San Diego’s sideline, right in front Turner. What should have been a tying field goal for the Chargers turned into a 31-21 lead for the Bucs.

“It just stayed in my hand too longer than I wanted it to,” Philip Rivers said of the pass, “and took a nosedive right to him.”

He couldn’t explain why he threw a sinker, which is how it usually goes with the Chargers. They don’t know why they keep losing. They just do.

“It sounds like a broken record,” Ronnie Brown said.

That eventually dooms the maestro, and Sunday’s loss might well have been the death knell for Turner.

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