Ashes of Former USC Star Found at Car Wash

Ashes of Former USC Star Found at Car Wash

No one has figured out who left the ashes of Henry Renaud Lefebvre in a stall at the OB Suds do-it-yourself carwash earlier this year.


But we now know Henry was a star football player at USC in the 1920s who went on to become a millionaire businessman before dying in 1995 at the age of 94.


Relatives remember his funeral, complete with a casket at a cemetery in the L.A. suburb of Sylmar. Loved ones didn’t know it was a “mock funeral,” and that Henry was cremated with his remains supposed to go to his third wife.


When his family learned in October that his ashes had been found about six months ago at an Ocean Beach carwash, they were stunned.

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