Johnny Football for Heisman? Why Not?

Johnny Football for Heisman? Why Not?

Heisman voters, you know what to do. Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel is the best player in college football this season, a large statement to make about any freshman, any year, but an enormous one to make about a freshman this season -- when there are so many viable candidates.


But Heisman voters, you saw what Manziel did to Alabama on Saturday, and you know that was no fluke. He's been doing it all season, to almost everyone, in the country's most brutal defensive conference. So do the right thing. Give Manziel the trophy he has earned.


Kansas State fans, you know what to do. Accept that your guy, your wonderful and wondrous Collin Klein, isn't going to win the Heisman Trophy. Accept it without malice or myopia, because you also saw what Manziel did to Alabama.


Hell, embrace what you saw Saturday. Embrace what Manziel did, because even if he did wrestle the Heisman Trophy away from Kansas State, he gave the school something precious in return: inside track to the national championship game. Without Manziel on Saturday, the BCS title game was going to be Alabama and ... Oregon? Probably Oregon, yes. Now, if Kansas State takes care of its business, the national championship game will include the Wildcats. It has to. Because of Johnny Manziel.


Notre Dame, you know what to do. Keep winning, and hope Oregon or Kansas State falters before bowl bids go out. But you can do the math as well as anyone, and you know that all three undefeated teams cannot play for the national title.

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