Lakers Have Chance to Reprise Showtime

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It wasn't too long ago that Mike D'Antoni looked, in his own words, "like a West Virginia bootlegger."

"Well, hell," said his brother Danny, a West Virginia native like Mike. "It's in your lineage."

Today? He looks like a million bucks. Four million of them actually, the annual salary he'll get for coaching the Lakers.

It's not the $6 million he got to coach the Knicks, but, on the other hand, Jim Dolan and the craziness of Madison Square Garden will be 3,000 miles away.

D'Antoni is still on crutches after a knee replacement but feeling much better than he did last week when he was limping around, unshaven and slurping Jell-O, at an old folks' home in Westchester, N.Y. His wife, Laurel, had found him a room there when a power outage had killed his access...

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