NHL Talks a Matter of (Dis)Trust

NHL Talks a Matter of (Dis)Trust

They're all a bunch of pinheads. All of them. Everyone associated with the NHL, that is.


Owners. Players. League executives. Union officials. The whole lot. Heck, at this point, even the Zamboni drivers are off our Christmas list.


These blockheads are about to take a sport that barely registers in this country anyway, pack it into a crate and chuck it over a cliff. For the first time since this NHL lockout started 59 days ago, it really does feel like the season is in jeopardy.


Until now, when NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wagged his finger, it seemed like a negotiation ploy. When union boss Donald Fehr pounded his fist, it seemed like a publicity stunt. When anyone spoke out about the labor mess or games were canceled, it felt like more posturing meant to rattle the other side.


But not now. This feels real. This feels scary.

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