No Surprise Here: Trout Is AL Rookie of the Year

No Surprise Here: Trout Is AL Rookie of the Year

There was never any doubt about Mike Trout as Rookie of the Year. The only question is whether he's the Rookie of All Time.


"I've been in the game 30-something years, and I've never seen anyone like him," said Oakland general manager Billy Beane, the 2012 Major League Executive of the Year. "He's just a phenomenal talent. I shouldn't go overboard with the superlatives, since he's with another club. But I love watching him play. He's from the '60s: Mickey, Whitey and Mike Trout. He looks like a 'Boys Life' cover."

Taking into account rhapsodies by Beane and scouts, along with all measurable factors from the computer mavens, the extraordinary center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim stands apart.

Trout was selected 2012 American League Rookie of the Year on Monday, a foregone conclusion since he was named AL Player of the Month in July, in the midst of four consecutive Rookie of the Month selections from May through August.


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