Sunday a 7-Concussion Celebration

Sunday a 7-Concussion Celebration

Great news: at least seven NFL players suffered concussions on Sunday.


It was a glorious day for player health and welfare. Seven players, including three starting quarterbacks, endured cranial trauma and were forced to undergo neurological testing. They will be subjected to a battery of additional tests in the days to come, as doctors try to minimize the risk of long-term mental and psychological impairments. It was a grand, beautiful day.

How can seven concussions be great news? It’s a matter of perspective. Here is how the headline to this article would have looked a decade ago: “ “. And here is the lede: “ “. And here is the body of the story: “ “.


None of the seven confirmed concussions left a player immobilized on the field. All of the players limped or hobbled off; quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Alex Smith stayed in the game for a few plays. All of the injured players appeared capable of chit-chatting on the sideline and, if prompted, could confirm that they were not Aquaman and were no longer homecoming kings at Sleepy Valley High School.

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