U.S.-Russia Friendly Has Plenty of Intrigue

U.S.-Russia Friendly Has Plenty of Intrigue

Historically, invading Russia is an awful idea at any point on the calendar.


U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann has never been one to steer clear of a challenge, however, so he’ll venture into the Caucasus for Wednesday’s friendly with a roster featuring as many experiments and second-chancers as tried-and-true veterans.

Part of that is necessity, as a host of players based in the U.S. and Mexico are unavailable (or just finished with their seasons and exhausted) with the MLS and Liga MX playoffs on tap. A midweek exhibition in Krasnodar, which is nearly 2,000 miles from London, also won’t make sense for several Europe-based players looking to maintain their rhythm with their clubs.


But Klinsmann’s choices are shaped by more than circumstance. They say a great deal about his coaching philosophy – ambitious, open minded and optimistic.

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