As NFL Coach, Kelly a Great College Coach

As NFL Coach, Kelly a Great College Coach

Chip Kelly must feel pretty cramped these days. It is hard to prepare your team for a Pac-12 title, and possibly a BCS championship, when you are stuffed inside a dozen Christmas stockings.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine and a constellation of Eagles blogs are buzzing with “Chip Kelly Replaces Andy Reid” chatter. Bills bloggers and Chargers fans have wish lists, and Kelly tops them. There are Kelly rumblings in Jacksonville. There will Kelly murmurs in Dallas after the Cowboys’ next loss. National writers listing the NFL’s most eligible coaching bachelors start with Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden, then open their web browser in search of other names.

All of which is fascinating, because Kelly might as well wear a sweatshirt that reads: "College Coach Who Will Flop in the NFL." He doesn’t set off your Spurrier Radar (or SpurriDar), then you don’t have SpurriDar. If you were trying to create an exceptional college coach who is completely unsuited to the NFL, all you would need is Kelly’s DNA and resume.

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