Be Bitter, Miami, We Married Loria for the Money

Be Bitter, Miami, We Married Loria for the Money

Shooting down the Dolphin Expressway a couple of weeks ago, I glanced over at Marlins Park. It seemed to be laughing.


I couldn’t exactly determine the type of mirth in those brief few seconds.


Now, as the Marlins deal pitchers Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle and their best position player, Jose Reyes, to finish a roster cutdown that began at midseason, I can identify it as the sinister belly laugh of a sentient Death Star-like construct.


“My master, Lord Loria, merely dangled a few promises before you to fool you into helping to create me! Now, the mighty tractor beam of my debt will suck the money from your present and future pockets as you slave while I make Lord Loria ever richer and more powerful! BWAAAA-HA-HA-HA!”


Whichever, the joke stays on us.


Marlins fans still pouting over 1997 now have something else to spend 15 years (or, however long it’s going to take to pay off that stadium debt) grumbling about.



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