Eagles Fan Should Be Longing for McNabb


Well, Philadelphia Eagles fans, how do you like Donovan McNabb now?

Perhaps no Philadelphia athlete, including Allen Iverson, has caused the great city as much frustration and aggravation as No. 5, who was always seen as missing a crucial component to his game.

But now the Eagles are missing a crucial component to their game: Donovan McNabb.

Nothing against Michael Vick, or Nick Foles for that matter, but it's clear the Eagles and Andy Reid are on the decline. And if you look at the yearly records, that decline started, oh, just about the time McNabb departed. In his last year in Philly, which was 2009, McNabb had a 92 percent passer rating. The Eagles won 11 games. They didn't match that win total the past two seasons and they won't win 11 this year; they're...

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