Midseason Coach Firings a Last Resort

Midseason Coach Firings a Last Resort

I always try to go for a long run Monday morning, in part to clear my head and process all I saw Sunday. This week, it occurred to me to click on the Radio.com app on my iPhone, and tune into WIP in Philadelphia, maybe the angriest sports talk station in the country.

What I heard from the Philadelphia Eagles fans wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. It was worse.

The station was running a poll that simply asked whether or not coach Andy Reid should resign now, nine games into his 14th season. As I jogged up Huntington Avenue in Boston, 78 percent said yes.

Here's what it left me wanting to know: Does it ever make sense to fire a coach in-season?

Since 2000, 22 coaches have been fired in-season (see box, below). All those teams had their reasons, and they vary. The one commonality is that, in each spot, it's a final-straw situation.

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