Ryan Rips 'Cowardly' Jets for Trashing Tebow

Ryan Rips 'Cowardly' Jets for Trashing Tebow

Rex Ryan believes the players quoted anonymously ripping Tim Tebow in a published report are "cowardly."

The Jets coach took the unnamed players to task at his press conference Wednesday and said he addressed the article with the team. One player was quoted as saying Tebow was a "terrible" quarterback.

"I think it’s a cowardly thing," Ryan said. "If you’re not gonna put your name to it, I think that’s as cowardly a thing there is."

The lone player to use his name in the report was offensive lineman Matt Slauson. Ryan said he was told those quotes were from "much earlier this season."

"I have no problem with Matt Slauson, because he put his name to it," Rex said. "I don’t agree with everything he said."



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