Stop the Marlins' Madness: Loria Still a Liar


Now we know, unequivocally. Ozzie Guillen is the fortunate one.


So is Heath Bell. And, now, Josh Johnson. And Mark Buehrle. And Jose Reyes. And every other player who has left or is leaving that godforsaken hellhole of what somehow passes for a baseball outpost in Miami.


This time next year, only things left will be tumbleweeds, cockroaches and Jeffrey Loria.

Even by Marlins standards, the 12-player monster trade with Toronto is a despicable disgrace.


And it is an utter shame, because baseball long ago should have called the exterminators to eliminate Loria from its landscape. Where’s contraction when we really need it?


Loria’s Marlins soaked the taxpayers for some 80 percent...

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