Take Numb Out of November With Neutral Site

Take Numb Out of November With Neutral Site

Watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers slog it out in the rain Monday night was a blast. Heinz Field was a gloriously sloppy mud pit—resembling conditions for the Bears and Texans in Chicago on Sunday night—with temperatures in the low-30s and a driving rain that turned the turf to mush.


All the football in fabulously bad weather reminded me of what Patrick Hrubry wrote for The Atlantic a few weeks ago, when he warned that the World Series was going to Hell. Or, even worse, to Florida.

Railing against baseball's greed, Hruby claimed that MLB's ever-expanding postseason will inevitably push the World Series deep into November, even past Veteran's Day, meaning the games will likely have to be played under a dome or in a warm-weather city at predetermined neutral site, just like the Super Bowl and Final Four. Patrick sees this as a "cash grab": MLB's secret plot to fundamentally alter and so ruin their most sacred insinuation.

Baseball fans, reactionary by nature, will usually recoil in horror at the idea. But the neutral-site World Series would be a spectacular boost for the game, improving the quality of play between the lines at baseball's signature event.

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