It All Goes Bad at Once for Jets

It All Goes Bad at Once for Jets

It didn’t take an advanced degree in molecular science to determine that the dynamics of the Jets offense weren’t compatible with Tim Tebow taking over as the starting quarterback.

All the coaches around the NFL must have been snickering up their sleeves whenever Rex Ryan was grilled by the media about benching Mark Sanchez in favor of Tebow. It was an unrealistic possibility, and now we’ve discovered that it wouldn’t have been a popular move in the Jets locker room — an area on which Ryan had vowed to keep closer tabs after dysfunction and disharmony ripped it apart last season.

A report in the Daily News on Wednesday had players ripping Tebow as unqualified to take over the starting job, with someone calling him “terrible,” and someone belittling his contributions, saying they think of him as the “Wildcat guy.” A member of the Jets organization also said some of the receivers that Sanchez has to throw to are “garbage.”

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