Marlins Slash Payroll - and Fans' Trust

Marlins Slash Payroll - and Fans' Trust

And so the howling begins anew, angry and redundant, ripping raw those old wounds. At some point, you just imagine the enraged consumers collapsing to the ground en masse, exhausted from the sustained screaming. Hostility and distrust are so very wearying, and South Florida’s baseball fans have been carrying them like a crucifix for about a decade.

It is like the Miami Marlins don’t know they are in the emotion business, which makes them either incredibly cold or totally incompetent. Either way, it feels today like our poor city helped build a bejeweled cathedral for false prophets in search of false profits.

The Marlins, playing in a publicly funded playground for less than one year, just shipped away almost all of their stars in what feels like an act of betrayal, figuring there are cheaper ways to finish in last place. They run their business with little regard for customers or public relations or decency. The players/employees are cattle. The customers are suckers. And the checks keep cashing, now more than ever.

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