Not to Worry: Leftwich Can Do It

Not to Worry: Leftwich Can Do It

The purpose here is to offer a defense of Byron Leftwich, but I’ll let Marcus Gilbert go first.

Gilbert tweeted the following item Wednesday: “Wow amazing all the hatred towards Leftwich those people can kiss my (butt)! — m.gilbert”

Thank you, Marcus.

Leftwich defended Leftwich, too. Pretty fervently. All I had to do was mention his windup. Panicked fans are wondering how Leftwich can execute Todd Haley’s quick-pass offense (I didn’t say dink-and-dunk) with a windup longer than “Lord of the Rings III.”

Leftwich has been hearing about the windup since his college days. Does he buy the idea that it compromises his ability to get rid of the ball quickly?

“No. I don’t,” he said. “I normally defend myself and say a whole bunch of numbers (when the topic arises), but I’ll save that for the offseason.”

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