Pressure? Controversy? Elway Loves That Stuff

Pressure? Controversy? Elway Loves That Stuff

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Drive through the streets of Denver, and John Elway is seemingly everywhere.


His name adorns decals on the back of Chevrolets purchased at his three local dealerships. The Cherry Creek steakhouse that bears his name the place to be seen for after-work drinks. His face is on billboards, his voice on radio commercials.


Elway could have lived out his retirement here, raking in money and enjoying the life of this city's biggest celebrity, athletic or otherwise.


Instead, he has chosen to get back into the football life, with early mornings and late nights in the office and frequent scouting trips to small college towns. In his second year at the helm of Denver Broncos' front office, he is proving to be as equally adept at building and running a team as he was in playing for one.

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